An Academy of Fine Arts is opening online in Aquileia.
Mario Donizetti has long pursued and finally carried through his idea for this Academy.
This artist’s techniques could not remain undisclosed, since he has radically changed even classic mediums, such as pastel, to achieve unusual and innovative results.
The Academy pays particular attention on the new scientific technology which is considered by the founder an essential element in the development of art.
Donizetti’s training and philosophical studies have contributed to make him a major exponent of figurative art - a leading light and the world’s foremost portrait painter. Portraits by Donizetti, among which the one of Pope John Paul II, have appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and are to be found in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, Smithsonian Institution. One of his Crucifixions is in the Museum of the Treasury in St.Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.
His “La Commedia dell’Arte” is in the “Spajani Raccolta” of the Accademia Carrara (GAMEC) in Bergamo and “La Carità” is in the “Margherita Cassis Faraone Raccolta” in Aquileia.
An Altarpiece and two frescos are in the historical Basilica of Pontida.