The Academy, housed in an old building in Aquileia’s historic centre (the outer walls delimit a space of some 750 sq. m and there is a garden with tall trees), includes a library, an internet and e-mail room, a conference hall, archives and a vast hall where the artist’s works are hung. There are detailed comments on his technique.
Classes will be filmed and viewable on the internet and will be spoken in Italian and English.
The Academy will produce a publication called “Argomenti di Estetica” (Matters relating to Aesthetics) which will contain explanations of the lines, methods and teachings of this art school.
Students will be able to attend courses to perfect their technique. To enrol they should send a sample of their studies (drawings) by e-mail.
After a preliminary selection, they will be able to make a formal application.
The school is an extension of the “Centro di Ricerca e Divulgazione della Tecnica d’Arte” set up by Donizetti in Bergamo in 1970.
The new “Argomenti di Estetica” follow on from his writings on the philosophy of art: “Why Figurative”, “Letter to Parmenides”, “Letter to Plato”, “Letter to Hegel” (edizioni Corponove - Bergamo) and “Why Figurative” (seconda edizione riveduta ed ampliata Art’è - Bologna), published by Donizetti as theoretical training for his pupils.
The project work is inspired by new scientific discoveries and neuroanatomical research.