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Mario Donizetti
about "Designer"
by Iacopo Di Bugno 

A short while ago, on the occasion of the exhibition La mia Bergamo (My Bergamo), I wrote of the emotion one feels on entering Mario Donizetti's house: " less than his painting, the wonderful house reveals an absolutely unmistakeable and unique sensitivity", and I also gave Ermanno Olmi's testimony: "Simply open the doors of his home to understand the enormous human depth of the artist we are looking at. The objects and colours define a rigorous personality more than any words could".

Those colours, those objects are now on exhibition at the Arsmedia Gallery, in Bergamo, in Piazza Accademia Carrara, just a step away from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art where, in the Rooms of the Spajani Collection, just recently the painting by Donizetti, "Theatrical People rediscover the Commedia dell'Arte", has reappeared, restored by the Master himself and brought back to its original splendour.

This design show is the exhibition of small everyday objects transformed into true works of art and, in order of time, is the latest of the challenges which the great Bergamasque artist - perhaps more than any other artist of our time - has known how to take up and win against contemporariness and the problems of contemporariness.

This is because in Donizetti there is a firmness in his respect for immortal traditions, a certainty of enduring values, a love of harmony and - to quote Ermanno Olmi's words again - the essence of foundation...

That essence of foundation which is the scaffolding of all Donizetti's creating and thinking and which we find in the boldness of his Crucifixes, in the splendour of his nudes, in the beauty of his portraits, in his flowers, and in his landscapes, as in the boldness of his writings on philosophy of art, but also in the boldness of the drawing and design of his everyday objects.