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Mario Donizetti
"A new Pastel Technique"
by Mario Donizetti 

Fundamental Modifications in Structure and Method.

Through the structural modifications which I have made, the technique of painting with pastels is no longer secondary to fresco painting, egg tempera and oil painting. These changes allow a better chromatism and ensure absolute mechanical stability of the painting.

The first modification regards the support consisting of canvas glued on to board with a preparation made using Carrara marble powder of the best granulation and reversible glue, instead of paper.

The second consists of a treatment of the painting using boiling steam to fix the pigment with the base preparation.

The traditional pastel method does not allow the colour to be fixed because the fixing agents spoil, or even destroy, the glazing and the most delicate shades.

This new method allows perfect fixing and therefore preservation of all the glazing as well as the possibility of adding further layers of pigment without jeopardising the initial ones already blended in with the base.

If desired, the picture can be varnished and glazed with organic colours. It is therefore possible to give the painting the classic transparency and shading of the best egg tempera painting.