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Mario Donizetti
"Deadly sins - Theatrical Dialogue"
by Mario Donizetti 


I Voice (Scholar) - When the reasoning of reproduction calls out loudly, our guts become our reasoning. But reasoning of the guts is a prison.

II Voice (Satyr) - When the need which has generated us calls out loudly, any resistance on our part is sinful. When our ancestors command the deed to be done, our own personal time becomes the time of total existence and it is then impossible to resist the flood tide which drags us to procreation. It is impossible not to feast at the most sacred and sumptuous of banquets.

I Voice - But this voice is relentless and at times brutal. The voice which generated us becomes an instrument of torture to us.

The voice of reproduction can call at any time. It even calls when the plant is sterile and the flowers fall off at the slightest breath of wind.

The will of reproduction is also the will of its destruction, because it kills the seed which made life craved for:

it controls the birth of innumerable sprouts and then nips them in the bud before the green sap of their stem has time to desire the heat of the sun.

The violent overwhelming suppression of its seed takes place in the bowels of the earth:

the power of suppression is love for life and death of the weak is just. The cruelty of nature is cruel down to extermination.

The will of reproduction which in me is a commandment, overflows. My desire overpowers me, I am thirsty beyond love in useless love: in lust.

Merciless nature demands lust to destroy its creatures.

II Voice - But if this were not so we would immediately be caught unprepared for carrying out its plan. Libidinous lust is necessary and it is pleasing because it is necessary.

I Voice - It is pleasing because it takes you in with flattery. It blinds me with illusions of freedom and does not feel my constriction.

I live my losing battle.

I live the contradiction in every moment of my time.

II Voice - The complaint about abundance is written by ingratitude and given loud voice by falseness.

If nature commands, the complaint always rises from a whitewashed sepulchre.

Lust, indeed, even assails the chaste who complain of temptation, but were the chaste not tempted they would not be chaste but impotent.

The plaintive chaste like you either want chastity served up cold or are hypocrites when lust gets to them.

What should he who has chosen virginity say? He should go and protest in St. Peter's square. He should insult the Pope and claim he should put an end to the conflict and bring peace between lustful nature and virginity, very different from the trifles of the chaste.

Would you complain if you were impotent? You lustful person, stop complaining about abundance otherwise nature could play you a dirty trick.

And then who would you shout your claims to? Perhaps to God who has fulfilled your wish, or to the devil who insinuated the infamous complaint into you?

I Voice - Wretched poisonous tongue. Let everything have its way. Do not prevent the complaint which consoles. You are cruel with words but everything is already cruel in deeds and so be silent. Why should I honour my weakness?

II Voice - Because you would show strength.

You will end up your days cursing nature.

Denying your weakness is a true weakness. Strength lies in showing your weakness.

And then a lustful person who disowns himself is evil. He transmits a sweet fluid and then stabs you. On the other hand, the good lustful person offers you his weakness and in doing so acquires the lamb's strength.

Woman, do not believe a word whispered to you by the wolf who disowns his lust, because he is a weak creature hiding to attack you unawares. He is a false lamb, he is a downright delinquent.

I Voice - Do not listen to him.

Lust is neither good nor evil. It is the tormenting enjoyment of an imagined enjoyment.

II Voice - Is it a torment? ... (smirking)

I Voice - Snigger you villain.

Call for abundance within abundance.

To nourish death and extermination in abundance.

You only lack the help of a test-tube which is lust without punishment, which is pure lust without accidents, without torment, without responsibilities, without risk. Pure desire to dominate, pure anthropomorphic selfishness, pure racial pride.

II Voice - In my mouth I preserve the shape of the breast of a woman who feels tenderly towards me. And so that no-one can take away from me the grace of being the only one to hold such grace, I lie and spit out sanctimonious sentences as you do. If they were to listen to you, reproduction on earth would be by proxy and the manual of rational fertilisation would be used instead of passion.

Who dreams of lust for love does not sin and if lust is not consumed it is praiseworthy.

(pause) When consumed it is praiseworthy.