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Pino Viscusi
"Colours Of Love"

"Words, words and words..." a famous poem says. We could say that, once written on the page, the word sleeps, it needs to be recalled to its sonority, to its real existence. This is the target of Viscusi's works: he wants to give to words, through colours and forms, their primaeval meaning, he wants to help people to better understand the message of love, hope and joy of living, awaiting for a new dimension of light.

Viscusi attributes magic potentialities to the combination between colours and forms and moreover, he considers them indissolubly linked to emotions. This deep relation among colours, forms and emotions is present in one of Ungaretti's poems from which Viscusi has taken his inspiration
"I waited for your awakening
Colours of Love
And now disclose a childhood of heaven".

Emily Dickinson celebrates thecreative power of the word with an intense poetry: "Someone says that the word dies when it is pronunciated, but I tell you that it starts living in that very moment." And one of the possibilities of giving life to the word is transform it in colour and light, changing what was only sonorous into a physical manifestation. This is what Viscusi wants to do; he has became a sort of poet, he has made words incisive giving them secret meanings through chromatic iridescences.

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