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Pino Viscusi
"Even Word Have Wings"


Poetry Becomes Painting
Art As An Expressive Universe
Birth Of Dreams
A Dive In The Neverend
The Creation

Pino Viscusi, architect, art historian,
artist, with this collection of creative
and critical work joins heaven
and earth through the profound interaction
of words and images that masterly produce
a new architectonical and visual space.
Words, aided by colours, create a song
of love and comprehension directed to
the heavens, where the artist poet's
restlessness will be able to find
that sought after peace.

Francesco D'Episcopo

The latest text by Pino Viscusi gives emotions starting from its title,
Even Words Have Wings, it promises to soar
the reader and lead him or her to far-away countries. As a matter of
fact, if the reader runs through the index, he will not be disappointed.
The way the author invites to go along, following the trail of the flying
words, appears immediately evident: it is an ideal "voyage into transcendence",
"a dive into infinity" free from philosophical claims or
titanic efforts to obtain an answer, but supported by the visionary
dimension of dreams and by the help of art which is always various and intuitive.

Giuseppina Commare